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At Animation Hawks, we take care of your video animation needs as an ideal choice, and we are the industry's highest demanded explainer video company. We are the best video animation agency for decades now. We have seen almost every video animation services grow right in front of our eyes. Providing us with vast experience, skills, and knowledge. This is exactly why our team at Animation Hawks is able to deliver the most outstanding animated explainer video services to our clients.

As an animated explainer video production company, we have worked with businesses from diverse industries that are based all around the world. This has provided us with a sound grasp of how to cater to various audiences and markets as an entity that provides numerous explainer video services to accommodate every requirement. We are the best video animation agency and won’t second guess our explainer video services when associated with us!


Concept & Script

As an animated explainer video company, we deliver high-quality video animation services that meet your targets. We have a separate team of world renowned scriptwriters that work on your project to make sure you have a flawless script.


Voice Over & Narration

Once the script is approved, it’s the voice-over to add the cherry on top and make it fit all together. As the best video animation agency, we pay close attention to what kind of voice over suits your project perfectly, and then, we pick the best voice over artist for it.


Storyboarding & Illustration

As an animated video production company, we ensure to bring your script to life. Through our animation services, you can be assured to receive a good story and awesome characters. That’s where our video animators come into action, and they deliver a touching and relatable story for your target audience.


Animation & Final Video

As an animated explainer video production company, we create 100% unique videos. Throughout the process we operate step by step maintaining our reputation as the best video animation agency. Once we have your approval and all the revisions have been made. Your animated video is ready to be posted! You can relax and sit back and wait for it to do its magic.

Whatever Video Animation Services /Style
You Want- We Have You Covered

We help the world’s top companies that have been associated with us for years. We are the most opted for animated video production company that helps to explain their stories to their valued customers easily. Animation Hawks is the number one animated video service provider found globally


Explainer Video

To keep the focus on just the video's message, you can go for a simple explainer video. We are a diversely formed explainer video company with a wide range of explainer video services. Through either of these services, we can create an outstanding animated explainer video tailored to your needs. That will get your business noticed, get clicks, builds your brand, and create a pathway to gain a steady flow of sales.


2D Animation

If explainer animated videos are where your focus is at, well, there’s no doubt that you should go for2D Animation 2D Animation videos. They’re the best for explainer video content and are appreciated by customers globally for their simplicity and impact. The best part about our video animation services online is that we provide the most affordable 2D animation services.


Whiteboard Animation Video

Whiteboard Animation is perhaps the most sophisticated way that you can promote and create visibility for your brand. This is exactly why we recommend our customers to opt for our whiteboard animation services online since it is such a classic, and of course, they never go out of style. If you’re confused about what video type to go for, we would highly suggest availing of our whiteboard animation services. Whiteboard animation has been continuously trendy.


Motion Graphics

Yes, as the best video animation agency, we also confirm that animated video production is a fun way to engage your client. Still, if you don’t know where to stop, they can get quite overwhelming and actually make your client turn away from your brand. Our expert team from motion graphics animation studio would deliver you the best video animation services you could ever get made!



Not many people believe it, but oftentimes, typography is the only thing you need to create a strong identity of your brand. At Animation Hawks, we make sure to pay close attention to our typography animation service to meet your need to grab your potential and existing customers’ attention! As an animated explainer video production company, we provide quality typography animation service.


Logo Animation

Of course, no brand is complete without a animated logo. No matter how big or small of a business you may run, a logo can either help it grow or bring it down to the ground. But with us, you don’t have to spend millions for a good logo.

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As a leading animated explainer video company, we provide you with the best prices compared to our competitors.

60 Sec Video

Startup Package

$ 799 .00

  • 60 Seconds Duration
  • Professional Script
  • Storyboard & Characters
  • Voiceover Artists
  • Animation & VFX
  • Background Music
  • Finalized & Published
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 100% Ownership Rights
  • 100% Moneyback Guarantee


90 Sec Video

Classic Package

$ 1199 .00

  • 90 Seconds Duration
  • Professional Script
  • Storyboard & Characters
  • Voiceover Artists
  • Animation & VFX
  • Background Music
  • Finalized & Published
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 100% Ownership Rights
  • 100% Moneyback Guarantee
120 Sec Video

Premium Package

$ 1599 .00

  • 120 Seconds Duration
  • Professional Script
  • Storyboard & Characters
  • Voiceover Artists
  • Animation & VFX
  • Background Music
  • Finalized & Published
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 100% Ownership Rights
  • 100% Moneyback Guarantee


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As an Animated Video Production Company that has been leading the industry for years now, we have created a wide range of explainer video services to meet our customer base's requirements. We have mastered whiteboard animation services, animated video service, and many other video animation services online under our explainer video services category.

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Why Choose Us?

You might be wondering why Animation Hawks is better than other video production agencies out there. And well, the answer to that is quite simple. We care about YOU! For our experts at AnimationHawks, our clients are what matters. Here’s why you should work with us:


Without teamwork, how are you going to make the dream work? No, it’s not a joke. You need a good team to make any business a success. And with our designers, video animators, developers and writers, we work collaboratively with you to create a solid animated video production!


Most businesses simply don’t have a million dollars to spend on animated video services and with us you don’t need to either. All of our video animation packages are extremely affordable because we want you to have the best.

Fast Turnaround

And of course, what’s the point of getting an animated video production made that’s going to take ages to complete? For a business, it’s extremely important to push out content on the daily and we help you with just that.

Guaranteed Results

Working with Animation Hawks, we’ll never let you go unsatisfied. We make sure that you’re satisfied and have been served exactly what you were looking for, before completing a project.

What Our Valuable Clients Say

You just can’t deny that Animation Hawks is a great agency. They’re so easy to work with and always deliver on time. And yes, they actually are available whenever you need them!

Steve Smith (Manager – Marketing)

Had a lovely experience working with Animation Hawks and would recommend them for anyone who isn’t sure about what their brand needs.

Mark Jones (Co-founder and Director)

Animation Hawks is a very professional brand and yes, indeed, they do have some outstanding services. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed the results from their videos.

Melissa Williams (VP – Digital Marketing)

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